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Sell your LCDs to LCD Buyer for cash today!

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LCD isn’t broken or damaged

If your LCD screens have dead pixels, pressure marks, touch issues, and other problems, we will buy them at LCD Buyer.

We also take whole phones at the same price as LCDs. Whilst a phone may be worth more, there is additional labour involved in getting to the LCD itself.

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What we offer

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Sell your broken LCDs

LCD screens bought for Cash from LCD Buyer; we accept all iPhone and Samsung LCDs!


Fast Payment

We offer fast payment via Bank Transfer and PayPal, so the money goes directly to you.


Free Packaging

We can send you special packaging so you can send LCDs to us.

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We buy cracked iPhone LCD screens, even ones with damaged LCDs, dead pixels, broken touch, pressure marks, etc.



We buy cracked Samsung LCD screens, even ones with damaged LCDs, dead pixels, broken touch, pressure marks, etc.

Sell broken or damaged phone screens

If you have a broken phone, screen, LCDs from Samsung and iPhone and you are looking for ways to sell it, we are happy to inform you that our service buys and sells damaged phones or screens from Samsung phones and iPhones. Sell your broken phones & screens with LCD Buyer!

Our team ensures in delivering safety and trustworthy measures while buying your broken Samsung or iPhone. Bearing the importance of safe business for our customers, we offer a fast and easy way to buy your orders. You can learn more about this with our FAQ.

What does LCD Buyer do?

As the name suggests, LCD Buyer focuses on buying broken screens for mobile phones like Samsung and iPhones so that they can be repaired and refurbished. We also deal with scratched screens and screens with broken touch display.

Can I recycle my old and damaged phone?

Yes, here’s great news for you. We buy even the oldest and most damaged phones ranging from broken glasses, excess scratches to discolouration of phones. This way, we provide you with the easiest method to sell your broken iPhones and Samsung phones.

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Why should I sell a broken phone?

Well, throwing off a damaged phone can contribute to several climate factors as it contains harmful material, namely mercury, cadmium, arsenic and many metallic elements with poisonous compounds. This is one reason why we emphasise recycling damaged phones. Secondly, broken phones can be of much use because LCD Buyer ensures in repairing your broken phones to make them new and strong.

The process is simple, easy and profitable for you! All you have to do is register an account and provide the details for your damaged iPhone or Samsung device and we’ll give a quote on how much we’ll pay you.

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Start recycling today with LCD Buyer;
we specialise in recovering LCD screens.